It’s hard to put into words how I feel about babywearing and weaving. I have a strong connection and love for both. I fell in love with handwovens the first time I saw one and I found myself dreaming about colour ways on a constant basis. I knew I had to weave at least one wrap for my sons. Learning to weave gave me a wonderful creative outlet for something I’m passionate about. It brings me such joy. I love to geek out over all the different fibres, the creativity of designing, dyeing, weaving but most of all seeing something I wove being used to help hold babies close.

Babywearing has been an essential and daily part of my family’s life since the birth of our sons over five years ago – twins! I was belly wrapping before they were born. Caring for twins was made easier with wraps, ring slings and soft structured carriers. It made life easier still when their little brother was born and I was chasing after toddler twins.

It’s a busy house over here with three boys who are five and under which is why I’m weaving on a part-time basis at the moment. I live in Ottawa, Canada’s beautiful capital city. Ottawa has a very big babywearing, handwoven and weaving community so I consider myself to be very lucky!

Semi-custom spots and sales are listed through the Facebook page and chatter group as draws or auctions. Stalk Free Pass draws will happen several times a year. I currently do not have a custom list open.

This website is under construction and we will be adding safety information, a gallery of previous work, blog updates for exciting things that are happening like the Up Babywearing Conference, pricing, FAQs and a description of the design and semi-custom process!


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